2 Tips to Ensure Your Steel Roof Lasts for a Lifetime

Steel Roof

2 Tips to Ensure Your Steel Roof Lasts for a Lifetime

A steel roof is a fantastic value and is hard to beat when it comes to durability. You can maximize the lifespan of a steel roof through the use of regular maintenance. Below are two tips that will help ensure your steel roof keeps holding up for many decades to come.

Regularly Inspect Your Steel Roof
Though steel roofs are strong and are unlikely to be easily damaged, you will want to periodically check for any changes that might lead to later problems. Inspections should occur on a scheduled basis, but you should also perform checks after significant weather activity, such as thunderstorms, high winds or heavy winter storms.

When inspecting a steel roof, first take a few moments to look at the overall lay of the panels. All panels should lie flat, and there should be no buckling or warping. Should you spot panels that are buckled or otherwise out of position, they will need to be repaired to prevent possible leaking under the seams.

In addition, take a close look at fasteners when inspecting a steel roof. Screws should be firmly in-place and should contain an intact, viable gasket that prevents moisture from penetrating around their edges. Fasteners that “stick up” or that have torn or missing gaskets should be immediately replaced to prevent water leaks.

Of course, when inspecting steel roofs, always be sure to look for corrosion or areas where paint is peeling, missing or fading. Once corrosion appears, you will need to aggressively attack the problem and remove rust or replace panels as necessary.

Hire a Professional for Maintenance
If you aren’t able to inspect your own roof, or would simply prefer not to, then consider hiring a qualified commercial roofing company. A professionally maintained steel roof can ultimately save you a lot of money and prevent potential grief down the line.

A commercial roofer understands the ins-and-outs of steel roofs and will be able to perform regular inspections and maintenance as needed. For example, roofers can often catch small issues before they develop into serious problems and provide needed repairs or remediation.

Hammersmith LLC can provide you with maintenance services designed to preserve your steel roof for its full lifespan. For assistance, contact us today and let us help you with your roofing needs.

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