4 Unique Uses for Your Flat Commercial Roof

There are a number of reasons flat roofs are beloved in commercial buildings, ranging from lower installation costs, better use of space, and ease of repair. But there are other attractive benefits of having a flat roof. Here are five ways to make the most of your commercial flat roof.

Vegetative Ecosystem

Green roofs may seem more like a trendy DIY project for a new homeowner than a viable strategy that can be implemented by building facilities management. But did you know that a properly installed vegetative ecosystem on your flat roof can actually extend the life of your weatherproofing membrane? The plants and substrate offer natural UV protection, acting as a natural barrier. Some flat roofs may even allow for the installation of a greenhouse in cooler climates—where traditional greenhouse systems fail. In addition, the following benefits of vegetative roofing make it an attractive choice for a commercial application.

  • Water control

The vegetative system, along with the requisite soil in the planters, will absorb rainwater. More water absorbed on the roof means less demand on the storm drainage systems. Another benefit of decreased drain-off is that fewer contaminants are introduced into the drainage systems and water supply.

  • Energy savings

The shaded areas between the vegetative systems and the flat roof create a buffer before the heat and light impact the roof. These areas can mollify the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. The idea is to reduce the impact on the roof and HVAC system, decreasing energy consumption while extending the life of the roof.

Work-Life Balance and Wellness

Expanding the idea of a vegetative system, garden, or greenhouse, the flat roof design is also perfect for installing quiet enclaves to be used for meditation, a quick nap, eating lunch, or a needed mid-day getaway, offering a nice reprieve from a hectic workday.

Solar Panels

Provided you have space and budget available, flat roofs offer better flexibility for solar panel placement. Since solar panels can be better angled to maximize full absorption of the sun, unlike some steep roofs, your flat roof is the perfect location for a solar panel array. If connected to your city’s power grid, the energy you generate can be sold to offset electric utility costs. Ease of installation and safety are important considerations. The flat roof allows installers to freely walk the roof making it for less hazardous than installation on a steep roof.

Storing HVAC

Flat roofs make a great place to store an HVAC system, especially if you are limited on space. Additionally, the security advantage of having the HVAC system on the roof prevents theft or destruction of components to the system. Additionally, the HVAC system on the roof can reduce noise at the ground level to make for a quieter outdoor environment.

During our 40 plus years in commercial roofing, we have developed a complete process; from the free inspection to scheduling annual service we are committed to providing excellent customer service and exceptional craftsmanship. Contact one of our experts with any questions you have regarding the benefits of a flat roof.

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