How To Maintain The Steel Roof On Your Commercial Building

When choosing the type of roof to put on your commercial business, you have two basic options: shingles or metal. Steel roofs have a major leg up over flat, shingled roof options. The cost is lower long term, as you have fewer repairs and it is longer lasting. Most well maintained metal roofs can last for 50 years. When compared to a shingled roof which is closer to 20 years, it is a fantastic choice. So how do you keep it in tip top shape?


Most steel roofs come with a protective coating. This helps protect it from the elements. Resealing your roof is always an option. It is important to routinely check your roof for issues, including the gutters and flashing. Resealing will help with many cosmetic issues, but will also help prevent any further rust or corrosion from happening. The sealant can be clear or colored, giving your business a variety of customization options.


It is recommended that you wash your steel roof twice annually. This will help keep stains to a minimum while maintaining a fresh, new appearance. Do not neglect the gutters while doing this. Damage to the gutter system can lead to corrosion which will ultimately damage your roof. Wash your roof with a spray nozzle attached to your hose. If needed, a mixture of one cup bleach and one cup of dish soap can be added to five gallons of water for additional cleaning power.


It is important to keep all debris away from your roof. Keep any trees trimmed back and be sure to check your roof after severe weather. If you see any visible scratches and dents, they will need to be sealed. While the coating your roof comes with will protect it from everyday nicks and dings, major damage could lead to rust and further problems. If caught right away, you have nothing to worry about. Neglecting any damage could lead to more costly repairs.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding your business’s roof. Hammersmith, LLC has been in service for over 40 years. Trust our experts to see you through the roofing process. We are licensed, insured and ready to assist.

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